The Ultimate Internet Marketing Rolodex HTML version

Chapter 1- Content Syndication
a) Content Syndication - Our Experiences
In this section, you are likely to find more places to syndicate your content
than you will know what to do with.
Do not get overwhelmed with the seemingly endless list of sites to submit your
content to, there is a very simple way to do this.
Follow our 3 step policy to keep things simple:
1) Create content with immense value to your end user.
2) Syndicate it to as many high traffic sites as possible.
3) Use automation tools to syndicate your content.
That's it!
Look for the sites with high Alexa rankings, and Google your keywords and look
for sites that come up first for your search terms and are mentioned on other
high value sites. Start to make a list of these sites and look for opportunities to
share your content.
Building backlinks is important for any website, but for a while now we have
focussed more on creating great quality content and syndicating it all over the
web for users to find rather than trying to contrive back links to the content on
our sites.
Only content that is ''remarkable'' will get remarks, likes, shares and be
commented on (as long as it can be found). It really is as simple as that.
The leverage you can get from people talking about your content and sharing it
far outweighs spinning garbage content that makes no sense for the sake of
backlinks. It's not just the reach that's important either it's the building of the
brand, YOUR brand.