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The not-so-distant Future
Envision for a moment if you will, a time far, far away… 2 years from today (a long time in technology
land), where we see this type of savvy consumer;
1. Talking on their Google Phone
o Searches via Google
o Use G-mail
o Jacked up to Google Earth
o Other Google services
2. Using their Google Computer
o Google Desktop installed
o Uses Google toolbar enabled FireFox for surfing
o Searches Google via multiple access points
o Uses G-mail
o Social activities (including Google properties and partners)
o Other Google services
3. Logged into account at work (because it will be easy to synchronize)
o Searches Google
o Checks G-mail
o Social activities (even at work? Never)
4. Has a Small Website (maybe a Baby Boomer AdSense Retirement Plan)
o Uses Google Analytics
o Uses G-Checkout
o Networks via Orkut/LinkedIn
Can you see this person? Or even a partial match? I can - and it has me thinking a lot more about
personalized search and how it affects the process of optimizing a site. With these developments
more and more people, if they realize it or not, will be logged into Google services than ever before.
This in turn means targeting a given term becomes more elusive and fluid an undertaking.
That is nothing new to those that have followed Personalized Search, what is new, is the delivery
system or more appropriately, the collection system. With Google now mobilizing into more devices,
users being able to track themselves across multiple platforms will be at a premium. I see a great deal
of ‘personalized searching’ going on in the near future.
More below; the not so distant future cont’d
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