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Part I - Why Google Personalized Search is Important to You
I know we’ve been down the road of fear and loathing with personalized search before. I know that
most folks never felt the need to worry about it – all smoke and no fire it would seem. I know that
once a year or so there are new concerns about what personalized search might someday mean to
the average SEO practitioner, (back to 2003?). So why would I hammer the head of this well beaten
nail yet again?
I believe some events last week have brought new light onto this topic.
For the uninitiated, Google’s Personalized Search is
a service that attempts to get to know you and your
searching habits better, in hopes that it will be more
relevant in the future from culling your ongoing
Or as Google likes to put it; “search algorithms
that are designed to take your personal
preferences into account, including the things
you search for and the sites you visit,” which they
believe ultimately will, “have better odds of
delivering useful results”.
I find the use of the term ‘better odds’ interesting, if
by design or not, since much of the underlying
technologies incorporate a probabilistic model for
delivering results.
You could call it ‘educated guessing’.
Getting signed up for a Google account is pretty easy as it is automatic across Gmail, AdSense,
Orkut, Group Alerts, Google Analytics and many other services. Personalized Search is turned on
by default and as Danny Sullivan put it, “I completely missed that this was added as a default choice to
the new account sign-up page. In fact, I missed it twice, as I tested the system by making two
different accounts.
So what has changed you asked? Well, let's add to that mix the Google Computer and Google-
Phone (OS and partners) to also consider.
More below; the not so distant future
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