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Short Selling With
Chapter 1 – Introduction

If this was your average E book you would have paid a ridiculous sum of $$ just to read a worthless account of how “Joe” turned $1,000 into $1,000,000 and how you can too! Then, “Joe” would go into how this book only scratches the surface and that to get the full beneft you need to get my other course now for just $999! To top it “Joe” would try to sell you some more products or try to get you to sign up for his stock picking service that guarantees 1000% returns!

You won't fnd any selling or one time ofers in this E book because this is not a get rich quick from trading stocks E book. It's simply an E book that feeds you techniques, tips, and advice you need to know in order to proft from short selling penny stocks. It's up to YOU to use this to your advantage.

I don't make money by selling PDF fles. I just make money trading penny stocks. More importantly I want you to make money trading penny stocks. I don't want to be a get rich quick stock guru nor do I want to be connected with them. While I could sell this E book and make money of of it, I'm instead using it as part a promotional tool for my newly launched penny stocking blog,

I encourage you to share this E book! You can make free copies of it and send it to any family, friends, co-workers, or anyone else that would beneft from the advice given in this E book!


If you have a website, blog, or forum feel free to feature this E book to your visitors! It can be a great addition to any stock market blog out there! Just make sure not to alter the content in any way.

What you are about to read is the result of experience and research in the penny stock niche. This is a compilation of advice, tips, and techniques that have turned me into a successful young pennystocker.

It's my goal with The Ultimate Guide: Short Selling Penny Stocks to open the eyes of every trader to the lucrative niche of short selling penny stocks.


Here's to your trading success, Justin Bostwick 00001.jpg