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There are hundreds of online casinos and they are all desperate for your money. For this reason they offer large sign up bonuses to attract you to join. This can be a fixed amount or a percentage of your initial deposit. A typical example is a 100% sign up bonus. You deposit $200 (there is usually an upper limit) and then will add another $200 to your casino account. You then have $400 to play with at the casino.

Nowadays there is a minimum amount you have to bet, called the wager requirement, which once bet enables you to withdraw your deposit bonus and any other money you have won.

e.g. if you deposit $200 and the minimum wager requirement is 8 x your bonus, you would need to place a total of 8 x $200 = $1600 in bets before you can withdraw your bonus and deposit.

The casinos hope that in meeting the wager requirement, players will lose their initial deposit and bonus money. However by playing perfect blackjack using this system, the casino will have less than a 1% edge, which means that once the wagering requirement has been met, you will be able to withdraw both your initial deposit plus a large proportion of the bonus money which the casino has given you.

There are numerous online casinos where this system can be used and after explaining how the system works, a list is of the best online casinos to claim and withdraw your bonuses is given.

Picking your Casino

The most effective casino we have found to use this system on is this casino (click here).This casino is currently offering a 100% sign up bonus up to $200 and the minimum wager requirement is only 20x the bonus. You do not have to deposit any money now. You can use the practice tables first to get a feel for the system and practice your new found skills.

Downloading the Casino Program

Step 1. Click on this link to go to the casino. Note you will need to be connected to the internet. Click on the Download Casino button, and then click on ‘Open’ on the next popup screens.

Step 2. Once downloaded, click on Next to begin the installation.


00001.jpgStep 3. Once it loads click on 'Money Play' (you don’t have to deposit at this point)


00002.jpgStep 4. Fill in your personal information, Submit your registration, then set your username and password. You can now login.



Playing Blackjack

To get started, click Blackjack on the game screen.



The rules of Blackjack

The aim of Blackjack is to beat the
dealer’s hand. First place a bet by
clicking on the chips in the lower right
section of the screen.

When ready click on the ‘Deal’ button.
You will be dealt two cards, both face up
and the dealer will be dealt two cards,
one is face up and the other is face down.

In the example you have a Queen and a
2 totaling 12 (Ten, Jack Queen and King
all count ten points) and the dealer
currently has 3.


You can now either take another card (HIT) or take no more cards (STAND) with the aim of beating the dealer’s hand. If you go over 21 you bust and loose your initial stake. If get more than the dealer and get 21 or less you win. If this happens you win your bet back plus the same amount again.

The System

You play perfect blackjack using our strategy cards which tell you exactly the best thing to do for every card combination you may have.


The strategy card for this casino is shown below and a larger version included in the Appendix. Your hand is shown on the left and the dealer’s hand is along the top.



In the above example you were dealt a total of
12 and the dealer has 3. Look at the above card
on the left hand side for 12 and then along the
top for 3. Where this column and row crosses is a red
‘H’ for HIT.

If for example you were then dealt an eight, your
total points would then be twenty (12+8).
Looking again on the left of the strategy card for
20 and along the top for 3, this now tells you to

If the strategy card shows a blue ‘D’, you click on Double if the option is available.

It the card says ‘P’ you should click on the ‘Split’ button if available. If a split occurs you then have two hands to play with. Treat each hand as you would a single hand and just follow the strategy card to work out what to do.

Note than the strategy card also has options for when you have two of the same card and also when one of the cards is an Ace. E.g. if you have Ace, 5 and the dealer has a four, you should click on ‘Double’.

If you are dealt two cards that add up to seven or less and do not include an ace, then HIT.


If you are dealt two cards that are not shown on the strategy card, then STAND.

If the dealer is showing an Ace, you will be offered insurance. Do not take it. That’s it! Using our strategy cards you will be playing perfect blackjack and because the house edge is less than 0.5%when doing this, you are tipping the odds of winning money heavily in your favour because you are “earning” the bonus money offered by the casinos.

You must stick to $1 or $2 bets to minimize the up and down swings associated with betting and be able to bet out your minimum wage requirements. At this casino it’s 20 times your bonus. If you deposited $100, your bonus will be $100 and you will now have to bet $100 X 20 = $2000 before you can withdraw your bonus and winnings. You will see below that your predicted profit is $184 - not bad for a couple of hours “work”.

What's The Catch ? There is none - the casinos figure that most players will not use any blackjack strategy, play games with a larger house edge or they will keep playing after meeting the wager requirements. Prove them wrong, cash out with your earnings after meeting the wager requirements and move onto the next casino.

Always keep a running total written down of your total money wagered. Most casinos have a log system which will tell you exactly how much you have wagered. If this isn’t available, you can record the information easily by hand. Once you have reached the minimumwager requirement, cash out your money and move onto another casino where you can apply the same system.

Once you have practiced, you are now ready to deposit money.


Click On 'Cashier' in the lower left corner


00007.jpgNow click on Deposit



Fill out your payment details. The easiest way to pay is via credit card. This is totally secure. You can also pay by switch card, cheque / bank transfer etc. It is not recommended to deposit with Neteller at this casino as the wagering requirement increases from 20x to 50x, meaning that you’re expected profits will reduce.

BONUS ADDED! The Casino will now match your deposit. You will now have up to $400 in your casino account.


Now start winning!