The Ultimate Blackjack System HTML version

Picking your Casino
here). This casino is currently offering a 100% sign up bonus up to $200 and the
minimum wager requirement is only 20x the bonus. You do not have to deposit
any money now. You can use the practice tables first to get a feel for the system
and practice your new found skills.
Downloading the Casino Program
Step 1. Click on this link to go to the casino. Note you will need to be connected to
the internet. Click on the Download Casino button, and then click on ‘Open’ on the
next popup screens.
Step 2. Once downloaded, click on Next to begin the installation.
Step 3. Once it loads click on 'Money Play' (you don’t have to deposit at this point)
Step 4. Fill in your personal information, Submit your registration, then set your
username and password. You can now login.