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The Ultimate Blackjack System
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There are hundreds of online casinos and they are all desperate for your money. For
this reason they offer large sign up bonuses to attract you to join. This can be a fixed
amount or a percentage of your initial deposit. A typical example is a 100% sign up
bonus. You deposit $200 (there is usually an upper limit) and then will add another
$200 to your casino account. You then have $400 to play with at the casino.
Nowadays there is a minimum amount you have to bet, called the wager
requirement, which once bet enables you to withdraw your deposit bonus and any
other money you have won.
e.g. if you deposit $200 and the minimum wager requirement is 8 x your
bonus, you would need to place a total of 8 x $200 = $1600 in bets before you can
withdraw your bonus and deposit.
The casinos hope that in meeting the wager requirement, players will lose their initial
deposit and bonus money. However by playing perfect blackjack using this system,
the casino will have less than a 1% edge, which means that once the wagering
requirement has been met, you will be able to withdraw both your initial deposit plus
a large proportion of the bonus money which the casino has given you.
There are numerous online casinos where this system can be used and after
explaining how the system works, a list is of the best online casinos to claim and
withdraw your bonuses is given.