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The U-Hoo Saloon
Big Bart and Vaseline Vic had been friends for a long time, well, not that long,
not as long as time itself, but for quite a few years. They hadn’t seen each
other for several years, due to the fact that Vaseline Vic had ran away from
home when it was discovered that his two sisters were actually his brothers in
dresses. I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to wear a dress.
But what really upset Vaseline Vic was the fact his father, Gerard, wanted then
to be known as Geraldine. So, at that particular time, there were rumours of a
Californian Gold Rush. After finding out whereabouts the Gold Rush in
California was taking place, Vaseline Vic immediately packed his toothbrush
and favourite teddy bear to head off on his big adventure, but not before doing
his chores and making sure that old mister Tompkins’ haemorrhoids were
firmly pushed back up? Although, the problem was, Vaseline Vic wasn’t good
at reading a map and got lost, so he settled down in Hardbutt Creek where he
became a Shepard, enjoying all the little perks of the job, well, it was a lonely
job up there in the hills, and it did get mighty cold at night.
Big Bart pushed the black Stetson to the back of his head and sighed a heavy
sigh as he finished his whisky.
‘Gosh Almighty, whatever’s the matter, Barty?’ Vaseline Vic asked.
‘Well, it’s just that, I really hate whisky, is there any lemonade in here?’
Now, meanwhile across the dusty street, Sheriff Jeremy. J. Jones was standing
outside of the jailhouse, busily watering his prize Dahlias that he proudly
displayed in window boxes on every window, a good place to have window
boxes probably.
However, being somewhat of a crafty Sheriff, he kept one eye on the black
Stallion that was tied up outside the U-Hoo Saloon, wondering who owned