The U-Hoo Saloon HTML version

The U-Hoo Saloon
‘Mmmh,’ the bartender grunted. ‘Have you got a name, stranger?’
‘Well Yip, will you be staying long in town?’
The stranger remained silent, his slanted eyes watching in the large mirror as
a man made a cautious approach from behind. Slowly, the stranger’s gun-hand
lowered, and he spun round with such elegant swiftness, his right hand then
stretched right out as he aimed the pistol directly at the approaching man.
‘God, I must stop spinning round like that,’ he said into himself. ‘It makes me
so dizzy.’
The crowd in the bar room fell silent, then all of them picked themselves up
quietly and everyone stared as a three-legged dog entered, whined pitifully as
it walked around the bar then just left again.
The two men stood silent as they stared into each other’s eyes, the tall
stranger raising one eyebrow as he lowered his pistol to rest it back in its
holster, well, it was a bit heavy.
‘Gosh Almighty, you’re as fast as ever darn it, Big Bart,’ smiled the man in high
pitched voice as he clasped both hands to his face with excitement.
‘Well I’ll be__ Vaseline Vic__ blow me.’
‘Goodness, maybe later. How have you been, Barty?’
As the two friends embraced in warm affection, the entire crowd sighed a
heavy relief, fearing that the pistol would go off and the loud bang would
perhaps wake some of the neighbours. All giving a gentle smile as the two
friends stood at the bar hand in hand.