The Two Companions HTML version

(Using the characters and setting of the series “Firefly” and the movie “Serenity”)
We don’t make any money in Joss’s verse, we just play here.
PART I- Post BDM: in which Inara teaches a couple of novices the tricks of the
trade. (Warning: interracial geek love)
Prologue: When the original colony ships had arrived, the society was largely
egalitarian due to the long shipboard confinement. Huge sacrifices and death rates
were involved in terra-forming and settling the raw worlds they found. Sacred
prostitution by both males and females was seen as a public service and was
actually done on a rotating basis among the whole population on some ships and in
the early colonies.
The core worlds prospered, and the Companions rose in status. When their
clientele gained wealth and status, the guild chose to bar from their membership
all but the most highly trained Companions. They excluded the more common
prostitutes who serviced working class patrons. The Companions also incorporated
elements of geisha and Greek Companion standards and practices.
Settlements on the rim worlds witnessed rising neo-Puritanism and the
consequential rise in discrimination against the common prostitutes in their midst.
The Companions of the core worlds continued to rise in status while they in turn
relegated the cult of Isis to ritualized ceremony with few actual believers.
Rim-world colonists largely came from the poor classes of the core worlds and
looked back with nostalgia on the glamorous culture of the core worlds; especially
the Companions.
The Companion Guild gained power and became a significant player among the
power elite. People who manipulate lust, desire and considerable funds have to
operate in the real world if for no other reason than self protection.