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Her voice shook as she breathlessly replied, “Dominique.” No longer did she find the man so kind
and peaceful. Nor did his strength have any resemblance to that of a weakened dying man. It seemed he
could easily choke the life from her, indeed, that he would relish doing so. His brilliant eyes quickly
traveled the length of her and Derek shook his head in aggravation as he finally realized who had sent
He wasn’t certain whether to order the doxy to leave his room, or to sample her charms and get
the whole insane thing over with. He should have known those bumbling oafs would follow through
with it, though he’d actually only planned to go to bed for a much needed snooze until the others got
tired of waiting and came up to get him. Joel had seemed so pathetically eager to pursue this madness
and Derek, not wishing to waste his friend’s money on the room, had simply removed his boots and lain
down atop the surprisingly comfortable bed. He’d fallen asleep within short moments and had
completely forgotten about the particulars of the evening once he sensed an intruder in his room.
“So, you’re my virgin sacrifice?” he asked in a rather bored and unimpressed voice, loosening his
hold on her. Dominique quickly fled from beneath him and stood nervously, facing Derek as he sat on
the edge of the bed. Derek supposed she was fetching enough, although what little he could see in the
dark room wasn’t typical of the females he was used to. Joel was slipping in his feminine choices.
“I wasn’t told anything about a sacrifice,” she replied nervously.
“Merely a figure of speech, I assure you,” Derek replied impatiently, already becoming aggravated
with his friends’ poor choice in whores. His eyes beginning to adjust to the dimness, Derek saw that her
clothes were not only wet, but ill-fitting besides. Her damp hair fell carelessly down to her trim waist
and she nervously clenched her skirt as Derek continued his leisure perusal of her.
Dominique felt horridly self-conscious as the large man stared so critically at her. Angelic he might
look in sleep, but he was vastly intimidating when conscious and awake. Her eyes averted to the door
and Dominique wondered if he would bother trying to capture her if she attempted to flee.
Derek relit the candle on the corner table and returned to his seated position on the bed.
Inspecting his gift more lingeringly, Derek’s expression showed little if any sign of being impressed with
her. His eyes finally rested on the enticing tightness of her bodice. The girl was nearly spilling from the
top of her gown, and although the dress was horribly childlike and too small, Derek couldn’t help
thinking that was perhaps her method of seduction. Playing the part of the poor, innocent virgin. If so,
the girl was playing it to the hilt tonight. She looked waiflike standing there with a hint of tears in her
eyes, as if she were afraid to be alone in a room with a man.
Dominique fairly trembled as she watched him stand up, his eyes staring through to her very soul.
He closed the distance between them and walked slowly about her in a circle. He was so very big,
Dominique mused inwardly, and it was obvious he was not one to be put off. However had she gotten
herself into such a predicament? She longed to run away as fast as she could, and Dominique was on the