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Dominique glanced back toward Derek for some sign of help. She was unable to respond to
Allison’s question and it didn’t appear that Derek was able to explain either. Dominique was alarmed to
see Allison’s determined approach from behind the dining table. There was fire in her eyes, and though
logic cried out for Dominique to run, she was unable to move. Within seconds Allison closed the
distance between them, her hand swiftly reaching out to strike Dominique fully across the face.
Dominique was half dazed from the brutal blow, her ears ringing. She reached her hand up to cover
her stinging cheek, well aware that Allison wasn’t done with her yet. As Allison’s hand came up again,
Derek stood up and grabbed her roughly by the wrist. His voice was dangerously soft and low as he
finally spoke. “Don’t you ever lay a finger on her again.”
“You’re hurting me,” Allison hissed, trying unsuccessfully to snatch her hand from Derek’s firm grip.
He finally let loose of her wrist, and although she looked as if she would relish scratching his eyes out,
she refrained for the moment. Her chest was heaving in anger, her teeth bared in a hateful sneer.
“I’ll ask you once more,” she bit out toward Derek, “what is that whore doing here? I suppose I
don’t have to wonder, do I? The little trollop has already confessed that sharing a bed with you has
made her hungry.” Taking a step to the dining table, Allison picked up a plate with eggs and sausages,
obviously planning to assault Dominique with it. “Here’s some breakfast for you right here.”
As she drew her arm back to throw the plate of food at Dominique, Derek yanked it from her hand
and slammed it back onto the table, the expensive china shattering. Allison began slapping at Derek’s
face and striking his chest, angry tears falling down her cheeks. “How dare you fuck someone else when
we’re on the verge of being married, you bastard!”
“That’s enough!” Derek roared, restraining Allison’s arms so she couldn’t hit him anymore. “I did
not bed her.”
“How stupid do you think I am?” she cried. “I supposed she forced her way into your home this
morning to rummage through your clothes?”
“I brought her here last night,” Derek admitted.
“And she slept in your bed no doubt.”
“To be honest, yes, she did.”
“I hate you! The wedding is off!”
“Stop being ridiculous. You need to calm down. This doesn’t change anything, Allison. It was all
quite innocent, I assure you.”
“Filthy lying son of a bitch!” she yelled, slapping at Derek’s face and chest until he restrained her
Tired of trying to explain himself, Derek had had enough of Allison’s lambasting. “Enough of your
false accusations, Allison! Just go home and I’ll come see you later. Carry on with the rest of the wedding