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The Tryst


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Published: 6 years ago

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Can anything good come from engaging in a forbidden tryst? With no money and no place to call home, Dominique Harrison enters the Boar's Head to escape a blinding storm. Dire circumstances can create strange bedfellows, and Dominique reluctantly agrees to become the bachelor party gift for Lord Derek Montford. A not-so-reformed rake, the Earl of Haversham is out celebrating his impending marriage of convenience when his friends insist he be given one last fling. Not overly impressed with his friends' choice, Derek is nevertheless unable to resist having her. Derek's tempting presentation begins turning up at the most inopportune times and getting under his skin, when all he really wants is for his vexing attraction toward Dominique to just disappear.


good plot & characterization is apt to identify with..


Really enjoyed reading, couldn't let go untill to read it again and again..

zainab qureshi

i love the story

Asanda Nginase

Beautiful love story,not predictable as your typical love story. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!!!!


I love this book

Abdul Yasu

This book is awesome!! a perfect book of leisure, Love the plot and the ability of the writter to communicate. It's fun

Karla Herrera Hernandez

Beautiful story, I really hope to read more books by this amazing author. I loved it =)

Ann-marie Lloyd-jones

Love this book!! Hope to see more of this author and many more books like this!! Thumbs up.


I have read the book and I must admit, i loved it! Hope this site will make books like it readily available.


loved the book, very discriptive and moorish


Lots of plot twists and turns! Definitely a page turner.

Veronika Štirn

I like romantic novels and this one was great. It has the right amount of sensuality. I coualdn't stop reading it. It was adictive.

Evalyn Githina

Loved how the story developed and the dilemmas presented. Fun read!


I really enjoyed it

Evalyn Githina

This was a fun easy book to read.


A brilliant way to unwind after work, loved the characters and the intrigue of the romance.


good book not too happy with the ending


McNappy's really said it all. The anachronistic phrasing and interactions were just too much for me, though the plot started quite nicely.

Sophia Ejoh

It's good, but I felt it wes "just another" romance novel. I enjoyed it none the less, and was hooked from page one.

Dyah Reawati

great book.... sweet story


LOVED it. Didn't dwell on to much surroundings details, kepty to characters. Once started hard to put down.


It's a nice book, starts out okay, drags on a bit but evens out at end.


amazing story! kept me on edge to the very end


Great story. I enjoyed the book from beginning to end!

srishti singh

i have read tremendous historical romances and this book was just about the most annoying romance ever. Kim Allison, you write well but the story was so full of it. derek's character was fascinating to some extent and his relationship with his friend joel was great at first. the rest was gibberish and not an exciting love story. readers- for some good historical romance, try Barbara Cartland.

Libu Sebu

Lovely story, well told. Even much better than Shades of Grey!


This was a historical romance in wardrobe only; anachronistic phrasing and interactions were funny, but not in a good way. Also, the sudden vilification of a major character at the nth hour just for a plot point was maddening. Finally, the whole "I'm afraid I'm pregnant...I'm not, hurrah! More unprotected sex, please?" thing just had me rolling my eyes. Overall, not a keeper.


What a great story. Very well told.


I read this book over a weekend. I just kept me coming back for more.


what a great story. i can only say that it made my days lot more happier to know that such kind of writers do exist in nowadays . well done kim i hope all the best for you.

Jai Nunnally

Wonderful book. It kind of reminded me of the Edward Bella and Jacob triangle from Twilight but written for adults and so much better!


this was a lovely book, a really good read. i enjoyed the plot, the emotional turmoil, i could really put myself in her shoes. i loved it!


I thought the book was really well written. I liked the characters, plot & pace of the story. This was the first e-book I've ever read, and it didn't disappoint me. I hope the author keeps writing more. Very enjoyable read.

Teresa Hedges

i really enjoyed this book, even after reading 50 shades


The book for me took more of the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy (good thing you had it all in one book.)

cheryl coetzer

nice reading, for a change no sex on each and every page....

Kim Allison Brown

I love this book, but am rather biased, as I wrote it. Just wanted to say thank you for all the kind comments. They're very flattering and very much appreciated! But to anyone reading the comments before considering downloading "The Tryst", wanted to let you know it is NOT erotica. It was originally advertised as "Historical Romance" (which is what it IS), and I have no idea how it got changed to 'erotica', but I have been unable to change it back. It does get pretty risque in parts, but is nowhere near kinky or on par with 'Fifty Shades' (which I loved, btw). Just thought in all fairness that I should be up front. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy "The Tryst"!

april boling

I enjoyed this book very much and the love triangle was great.


Reminds me of a British version of Fifty Shades of Grey

Iris Rodriguez

A bit too sexual for me, but its was a very fascinating book.

Liesl Engels

Well written. Once i started reading this book i just could not put it down. Hope to see something similar in the future.

Rina Maria

i loved it. though i wish there was an epilogue with a peek in the future


a beautifully and well crafted plot not to mention very enticing tale. looking forward to reading more books from the author.


Loved the story from begening to end....all the characters seems so real...A must read for all passionate lovers...

Sashani donaldson

It's a reminder that love is an everlasting and powerful emotion that can never be tamed.

Christine Barefoot

It was good. Somewhat predictable and typical for novels in this genre but I still enjoyed it.


What a beautiful piece of art! I absolutely loved this book. I hope to read more from this author!

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