The Truth about Tattoos HTML version

There are not many Bible verses about tattoos, but there are some references around in
the Bible, so we'll just start with looking at the word of God, want to look in Leviticus
You need to understand the context of this. When we look in the Bible, in these sections
of the Old Testament, God had taken a people out of Egypt. His people Israel were in
bondage in Egypt, and not just in slavery to Egyptians, but also to occult powers.
If you remember the story of how Moses confronted the Pharaoh, it would have been
real easy for God to just get him out on the first confrontation. Actually there were 10
confrontations, and each of the confrontations was with a different God, that was one of
the Gods of Egypt.
Every time that Moses told the Pharaoh: let my people go; and the Pharaoh refused, a
plague would come into the nation - and it was an attack on the foreign Gods.
So after the 10 plagues, by the time it got to the end, the people in the nation were
aware that the power of God was greater than the power of the Gods that the Egyptians
Notice this: the final miracle, that got the people of God released, was the shedding of
blood. In Exodus 12, everyone had to slay a lamb, they had to apply the blood of the
lamb to their house, to their b uilding, and only then would they be protected from a
destroying angel.
So we find that Israel was delivered out of a land full of idolatry, witchcraft and spiritism.
Occult powers were immensely strong in Egypt. If you read the story of Moses'
confrontation with the wizards of Egypt, you find that some of the first miracles he did,
they were able to duplicate. He threw a stick down on the ground that turned into a
snake - they threw their sticks down, and they also turned into snakes. That is some
occultic power! So the first three miracles that Moses did, the wizards of Egypt,
operating in sorcery and occult powers, were able to duplicate them.
Perhaps what isn't known so much is that the Egyptians were worshippers of Baal, the
Sun God; and part of the Baal worship involved both men and women being tattooed,
as a sign of ownership and allegiance to that God.
Now when this verse comes up here in Leviticus, God is about to bring His people into
the Promised Land, Canaan; and He said: I'm not bringing you in there because you're
better than them; I'm bringing you in there because I love you, you're my people - and it
says: because of what they have done.
So when you look into the Bible, about what they were doing in this land, there was
strong and huge occultic involvement. The nations worshipped Baal. They worshipped
Ashtoreth; so they worshipped the Gods of the Sun, they worshipped the Gods of the