The Truth Behind the "Big Lies" About Chocolate HTML version

I’m so happy you downloaded this ebook from my Healthy Chocolate website!
Healthy Chocolate has made such a difference in my own life that I want to share the
message with everyone who wants to learn more.
Dr. Steven Warren, also known to us as “Dr. Chocolate,” is one of the world’s leading experts
on nutrition and fitness in improving quality of life. He has done extensive research on
chocolate and its effect on the human body.
The goal of this ebook is to put to rest the tremendous number of misconceptions and
outright falsehoods about chocolate.
In fact, chocolate was used as a health food thousands of years before companies like
He***ey’s, Ne**le, and M**s started producing “candy” chocolates stuffed full of sugars and
harmful fats.
Today, research is showing how healthy, dark chocolate is really one of nature’s super foods,
helping relieve an amazing number of different health problems.
Please read through The Truth behind the “Big Lies” about Chocolate and learn the little-
known “secrets” about healthy chocolate.
I know there are some “big words” in this book. Dr. Warren wanted to be as accurate as
possible in using scientifically recognized terms related to the benefits of healthy chocolate.
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