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1 The Truth About Book Marketing
Open your eyes to the massive change that’s happening in the world of book marketing
Bust a lot of myths, expose scams and stop you from throwing thousands of dollars away
Help you understand how to get the biggest advance possible or self-publish and actually make money
Reveal how to mine the online world to sell a boatload of books, even in this economy, and
Reclaim control over you career, income and fate of your books.
There is nothing for sale here…
…just a whole lot of eye-opening information offered with the intention of empowering authors and aspiring
authors with the ability to sell more books in a digital world and the knowledge to avoid wasting time and
money on stuff that doesn’t work (FYI – If you’re a publisher, there’s still lots of good stuff in there for you,
Check out the Table of Contents to see what’s inside…
Notice, there’s a lot of information (it’s actually nearly 30 pages). And, as you read on, you’ll quickly see it’s
case studies for next generation marketing that’s selling a ton of books today.
Take your time, take notes and, if it resonates, I’d be grateful if you’d share this report with friends who are
authors and aspiring authors.
Written By Career Renegade author & Awake@TheWheel blogger, Jonathan Fields | Learn more at | (CC) Creative Commons License.
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