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The Truth About Book Marketing

This book marketing manifesto is being offered to you as a vehicle to:

  • Open your eyes to the massive change that’s happening in the world of book marketing
  • Bust a lot of myths, expose scams and stop you from throwing thousands of dollars away
  • Help you understand how to get the biggest advance possible or self-publish and actually make money
  • Reveal how to mine the online world to sell a boatload of books, even in this economy, and
  • Reclaim control over you career, income and fate of your books.

There is nothing for sale here…

…just a whole lot of eye-opening information offered with the intention of empowering authors and aspiring authors with the ability to sell more books in a digital world and the knowledge to avoid wasting time and money on stuff that doesn’t work (FYI – If you’re a publisher, there’s still lots of good stuff in there for you, too).

Check out the Table of Contents to see what’s inside…

Notice, there’s a lot of information (it’s actually nearly 30 pages). And, as you read on, you’ll quickly see it’s not fluff. There are a lot of real world examples, spending analysis for traditional marketing approaches and  case studies for next generation marketing that’s selling a ton of books today.

Take your time, take notes and, if it resonates, I’d be grateful if you’d share this report with friends who are authors and aspiring authors.