The True Story of Christopher Columbus HTML version

This "True Story of Christopher Columbus" is offered and inscribed to the boys and girls
of America as the opening volume in a series especially designed for their reading, and to
be called "Children's Lives of Great Men." In this series the place of honor, or rather of
position, is given to Columbus the Admiral, because had it not been for him and for his
pluck and faith and perseverance there might have been no young Americans, such as we
know to-day, to read or care about the world's great men.
Columbus led the American advance; he discovered the New World; he left a record of
persistence in spite of discouragement and of triumph over all obstacles, that has been the
inspiration and guide for Americans ever since his day, and that has led them to work on
in faith and hope until the end they strove for was won.
"The True Story of Christopher Columbus" will be followed by the "true story" of others
who have left names for us to honor and revere, who have made the world better because
they lived, and who have helped to make and to develop American freedom, strength and
It will be the endeavor to have all these presented in the simple, straightforward, earnest
way that appeals to children, and shows how the hero can be the man, and the man the
hero. E. S. B.