The Traveller HTML version

“Umm dad, I want the entrails in the freezer. I can smell
those beautiful ‘insides’.
The entrails are the first thing that lions eat when
they’re feasting. You see, entrails are jam-packed with power-
building nutrients and blood. You can have this slab of meat,
I grinned at my son, stood up, and then casually walked
over to the freezer. After pausing for a moment, I opened the
freezer, sunk my arm deep into it and then pulled out a large
plastic bag with ‘chunks’ of meat derived from gazelle entrails.
Mind you, it wasn’t enough to feed a lion. Corey was much
smaller than a lion, of course, but I didn’t want to make a big
issue about it.
Surprisingly, the food in the freezer had been thawed out.
For some unknown reason Corey had known. Anyway, I carried the
plastic bag back to the kitchen table, ripped open the bag, and
then placed the food in front of Corey.
True to his wild feline instincts, he didn’t acknowledge my
presence or my favour; he ripped through the entrails using his
incredible teeth, jaws, neck muscles, and claws to do the job.
I in turn dug into my food. We both feasted like beasts
growling and licking off any traces of animal blood on our
mouths and on the kitchen table. In fact, a splatter of blood
dropped to the kitchen floor. Corey eyed it but I quickly gave
him a ‘no’ nod. I didn’t want him licking blood off the floor.
That’s not very sanitary.
But then, I was proud of my son. He knew how to eat
entrails. It only took us 15 minutes to finish off our food.
Afterwards, we burped and then grinned at each other. Corey,
being a true feline licked off the remaining blood from my face.
He smiled at me in the process, but I knew better. He wanted the
blood smeared on my face; that’s why he smiled at me.
But in all honesty, I felt a bit apprehensive while Corey
was licking my face. I mean, like, umm ... he could’ve forgotten
himself and bit a chunk out of me. Thankfully, that didn’t
“Dad that was the most incredible meal I’d ever had in my
whole life!”
“Corey, I’m always glad to see you in good spirits.”
“Dad, please don’t say ‘spirits’! You’ve probably forgotten
but that’s another word used for high alcohol content drinks. I
can’t help it but like umm ... I still get cravings now and then
for a shot of booze. In fact, on a few occasions I actually had
a seizure.”
“Corey, one of these days, you and I will have to work on
‘boozed desensitization’. You can’t go on like this. That creep
Jeff and his fraternity brothers really did a number on you.