The Traveller HTML version

Corey and I gawked at our slab of meat for a moment then we
glanced at each other. It was an incredible site. We were
drooling like hungry Bengal tigers.
“Corey, son ... before we eat, I have something very
important to tell you. Please believe me ... Corey you’re me son
and I love ... like umm ... love ... I mean, I care about you
very much; more than anyone else in the whole world. I’d never
betray you, nor would I ever care about you any less because
you’re not a humanoid. You’re my own flesh and blood.”
I don’t know what it was, but I just couldn’t successfully
convey the 3 golden words (I love you) to my son. Maybe it was
my ego that was stopping me. Anyway, I inherently knew that soon
I’d have to muster up the courage to tell my son ‘I love you’.
Somewhere in my cast-iron heart was a soft spot.
“Corey what part of the slab of meat would you like?”