The Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Your Windows PC Right Now - For Free! HTML version

All Windows computers slow down over time – this is simply a fact of life, but that
doesn’t mean that you have to live with it. Contrary to what the computer industry as a
whole would have you believe, you do not have to upgrade your hardware every few
months to keep your computer fast and responsive to your requests – you just need to
clean up after it once in a while.
The top ten things that you can do to speed up your computer right now are:
1) Remove Unused Applications
2) Stop Un-needed Programs From Running at Startup
3) Defragment Your Hard Drive(s)
4) Run the Hard Drive Cleanup Utility
5) Download and Run a Registry Cleanup Tool
6) Delete Temporary Internet Files
7) Run a Spyware Removal Tool Regularly
8) Turn Off Any Un-needed Services
9) Turn Off Fancy Animations
10) Change the Number of Colors in Your Display
There are countless software programs available on the Internet today that will perform
most of these tasks for you, but they usually come with a price tag attached. These tasks
can be accomplished completely for free; it just takes a little more effort.
We are going to go through each one of these items in the next few pages, step-by-step,
to make sure that your computer is running at its’ full potential. The key to keeping your
computer running as smoothly and quickly as possible is to perform these tasks on your
computer regularly. We offer you a free tool for making this easier at the end of this
It is HIGHLY recommended that you create a backup of your computer before
undertaking any of these steps. This will help insure that you can go back to a previous
working version of your system if you make a mistake. The easiest way to do this is to
create a system restore point. For instructions on doing this, press F1 on your computer
and search for “Create Restore Point.”
Remove Unused Applications
This one item will probably remove half of your problems right away. Think about it, do
you really need that video game that your kids installed two years ago? Removing the
programs you don’t use will free up space on your hard drive, giving your computer more
room to work with.
Here are the steps:
1) Click Start, click on “Control Panel” in the Start Menu.
2) Double-Click on “Add or Remove Programs” in the window that opens.