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Author’s scrawl
I abhor well-trodden paths. You have to follow in the footsteps of others. Repeat
their mistakes. Copying successful predecessors does have advantages. The path
with leaves trod black leads to proven sources of reward and sustenance. If I'd
been more willing to take advice and seek guidance on my literary journey, this
book (or something quite similar), might have been published in the early 90s. But
this popular success strategy has one major disadvantage. You don't tread new
ground. And the path-followers ignore a simple truth: far more ground remains
untrod than trod. That's the territory I find more rewarding.
I wrote The Titans in 1991 whilst based with the British Army at the Maze Prison in
Northern Ireland. An international publisher loved it – but wanted changes.
Young[er] and headstrong, I refused. Six months later they wanted to know if I'd
changed my mind. Still young[ish], still headstrong, I hadn't.
Was I right to hold out? Should I have kept this novel locked in a dark cupboard
while I waited for the democratic age of ebook self-publishing to dawn? An age
that, back then, I and most others had no idea was coming. If this novel motivates
you to make online public comment (good or bad), email me a link to your review
and I'll send you a pdf of my essay on writing and publishing The Titans .
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Thanks for your interest in my writing,
Alex Burrett