The Tin Woodman of Oz HTML version

16. Captain Fyter
"Are you really a soldier?" asked Woot, when they had all watched this strange tin person
parade up and down the path and proudly flourish his sword.
"I was a soldier," was the reply, "but I've been a prisoner to Mr. Rust so long that I don't
know exactly what I am."
"But -- dear me!" cried the Tin Woodman, sadly perplexed; "how came you to be made
of tin?"
"That," answered the Soldier, "is a sad, sad story I was in love with a beautiful Munchkin
girl, who lived with a Wicked Witch. The Witch did not wish me to marry the girl, so she
enchanted my sword, which began hacking me to pieces. When I lost my legs I went to
the tinsmith, Ku-Klip, and he made me some tin legs. When I lost my arms, Ku-Klip
made me tin arms, and when I lost my head he made me this fine one out of tin. It was
the same way with my body, and finally I was all tin. But I was not unhappy, for Ku-Klip
made a good job of me, having had experience in making another tin man before me."
"Yes," observed the Tin Woodman, "it was Ku-Klip who made me. But, tell me, what
was the name of the Munchkin girl you were in love with?"
"She is called Nimmie Amee," said the Tin Soldier.
Hearing this, they were all so astonished that they were silent for a time, regarding the
stranger with wondering looks. Finally the Tin Woodman ventured to ask:
"And did Nimmie Amee return your love?"
"Not at first," admitted the Soldier. "When first I marched into the forest and met her, she
was weeping over the loss of her former sweetheart, a woodman whose name was Nick
"That is me," said the Tin Woodman.
"She told me he was nicer than a soldier, because he was all made of tin and shone
beautifully in the sun. She said a tin man appealed to her artistic instincts more than an
ordinary meat man, as I was then. But I did not despair, because her tin sweetheart had
disappeared, and could not be found. And finally Nimmie Amee permitted me to call
upon her and we became friends. It was then that the Wicked Witch discovered me and
became furiously angry when I said I wanted to marry the girl. She enchanted my sword,
as I said, and then my troubles began. When I got my tin legs, Nimmie Amee began to
take an interest in me; when I got my tin arms, she began to like me better than ever, and
when I was all made of tin, she said I looked like her dear Nick Chopper and she would
be willing to marry me.