The Tin Woodman of Oz HTML version

10. Tommy Kwikstep
"Our best plan," said the Scarecrow Bear, when the Green Monkey had related the story
of his adventure with the Dragons, "is to get out of this Gillikin Country as soon as we
can and try to find our way to the castle of Glinda, the Good Sorceress. There are too
many dangers lurking here to suit me, and Glinda may be able to restore us to our proper
"If we turn south now," the Tin Owl replied, "we might go straight into the Emerald City.
That's a place I wish to avoid, for I'd hate to have my friends see me in this sad plight,"
and he blinked his eyes and fluttered his tin wings mournfully.
"But I am certain we have passed beyond Emerald City," the Canary assured him, sailing
lightly around their heads. "So, should we turn south from here, we would pass into the
Munchkin Country, and continuing south we would reach the Quadling Country where
Glinda's castle is located."
"Well, since you're sure of that, let's start right away," proposed the Bear. "It's a long
journey, at the best, and I'm getting tired of walking on four legs."
"I thought you never tired, being stuffed with straw," said Woot.
"I mean that it annoys me, to be obliged to go on all fours, when two legs are my proper
walking equipment," replied the Scarecrow. "I consider it beneath my dignity. In other
words, my remarkable brains can tire, through humiliation, although my body cannot
"That is one of the penalties of having brains," remarked the Tin Owl with a sigh. "I have
had no brains since I was a man of meat, and so I never worry. Nevertheless, I prefer my
former manly form to this owl's shape and would be glad to break Mrs. Yoop's
enchantment as soon as possible. I am so noisy, just now, that I disturb myself," and he
fluttered his wings with a clatter that echoed throughout the forest.
So, being all of one mind, they turned southward, traveling steadily on until the woods
were left behind and the landscape turned from purple tints to blue tints, which assured
them they had entered the Country of the Munchkins.
"Now I feel myself more safe," said the Scarecrow Bear. "I know this country pretty well,
having been made here by a Munchkin farmer and having wandered over these lovely
blue lands many times. Seems to me, indeed, that I even remember that group of three tall
trees ahead of us; and, if I do, we are not far from the home of my friend Jinjur."
"Who is Jinjur?" asked Woot, the Green Monkey.
"Haven't you heard of Jinjur?" exclaimed the Scarecrow, in surprise.