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7. The Lace Apron
"Now," said the Canary, in a tone more brisk than before, "we may talk together more
freely, as Mrs. Yoop cannot hear us. Perhaps we can figure out a way to escape."
"Open!" said Woot the Monkey, still facing the door; but his command had no effect and
he slowly rejoined the others.
"You cannot open any door or window in this enchanted castle unless you are wearing
the Magic Apron," said the Canary.
"What Magic Apron do you mean?" asked the Tin Owl, in a curious voice.
"The lace one, which the Giantess always wears. I have been her prisoner, in this cage,
for several weeks, and she hangs my cage in her bedroom every night, so that she can
keep her eye on me," explained Polychrome the Canary. "Therefore I have discovered
that it is the Magic Apron that opens the doors and windows, and nothing else can move
them. when she goes to bed, Mrs. Yoop hangs her apron on the bedpost, and one morning
she forgot to put it on when she commanded the door to open, and the door would not
move. So then she put on the lace apron and the door obeyed her. That was how I learned
the magic power of the apron."
"I see -- I see!" said the little Brown Bear, wagging his stuffed head. "Then, if we could
get the apron from Mrs. Yoop, we could open the doors and escape from our prison."
"That is true, and it is the plan I was about to suggest," replied Polychrome the Canary-
Bird. "However, I don't believe the Owl could steal the apron, or even the Bear, but
perhaps the Monkey could hide in her room at night and get the apron while she is
"I'll try it!" cried Woot the Monkey. "I'll try it this very night, if I can manage to steal into
her bedroom."
"You mustn't think about it, though," warned the bird, "for she can read your thoughts
whenever she cares to do so. And do not forget, before you escape, to take me with you.
Once I am out of the power of the Giantess, I may discover a way to save us all."
"We won't forget our fairy friend," promised the boy; "but perhaps you can tell me how
to get into the bedroom."
"No," declared Polychrome, "I cannot advise you as to that. You must watch for a
chance, and slip in when Mrs. Yoop isn't looking."
They talked it over for a while longer and then Mrs. Yoop returned. When she entered,
the door opened suddenly, at her command, and closed as soon as her huge form had
passed through the doorway. During that day she entered her bedroom several times, on