The Tin Woodman of Oz HTML version

23. Through the Tunnel
It didn't rain just then, although the clouds in the sky grew thicker and more threatening.
Polychrome hoped for a thunder-storm, followed by her Rainbow, but the two tin men
did not relish the idea of getting wet. They even preferred to remain in Nimmie Amee's
house, although they felt they were not welcome there, rather than go out and face the
coming storm. But the Scarecrow, who was a very thoughtful person, said to his friends:
"If we remain here until after the storm, and Polychrome goes away on her Rainbow, then
we will be prisoners inside the Wall of Solid Air; so it seems best to start upon our return
journey at once. If I get wet, my straw stuffing will be ruined, and if you two tin
gentlemen get wet, you may perhaps rust again, and become useless. But even that is
better than to stay here. Once we are free of the barrier, we have Woot the Wanderer to
help us, and he can oil your joints and restuff my body, if it becomes necessary, for the
boy is made of meat, which neither rusts nor gets soggy or moldy."
"Come along, then!" cried Polychrome from the window, and the others, realizing the
wisdom of the Scarecrow's speech, took leave of Nimmie Amee, who was glad to be rid
of them, and said good-bye to her husband, who merely scowled and made no answer,
and then they hurried from the house.
"Your old parts are not very polite, I must say," remarked the Scarecrow, when they were
in the garden.
"No," said Woot, "Chopfyt is a regular grouch. He might have wished us a pleasant
journey, at the very least."
"I beg you not to hold us responsible for that creature's actions," pleaded the Tin
Woodman. "We are through with Chopfyt and shall have nothing further to do with him."
Polychrome danced ahead of the party and led them straight to the burrow of the Blue
Rabbit, which they might have had some difficulty in finding without her. There she lost
no time in making them all small again. The Blue Rabbit was busy nibbling cabbage
leaves in Nimmie Amee's garden, so they did not ask his permission but at once entered
the burrow.
Even now the raindrops were beginning to fall, but it was quite dry inside the tunnel and
by the time they had reached the other end, outside the circular Wall of Solid Air, the
storm was at its height and the rain was coming down in torrents.
"Let us wait here," proposed Polychrome, peering out of the hole and then quickly
retreating. "The Rainbow won't appear until after the storm and I can make you big again
in a jiffy, before I join my sisters on our bow."
"That's a good plan," said the Scarecrow approvingly. "It will save me from getting
soaked and soggy."