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The Anjou Wine
After the most disheartening news of the king's health, a report of his convalescence
began to prevail in the camp; and as he was very anxious to be in person at the siege, it
was said that as soon as he could mount a horse he would set forward.
Meantime, Monsieur, who knew that from one day to the other he might expect to be
removed from his command by the Duc d'Angouleme, by Bassompierre, or by
Schomberg, who were all eager for his post, did but little, lost his days in wavering, and
did not dare to attempt any great enterprise to drive the English from the Isle of Re,
where they still besieged the citadel St. Martin and the fort of La Pree, as on their side the
French were besieging La Rochelle.
D'Artagnan, as we have said, had become more tranquil, as always happens after a post
danger, particularly when the danger seems to have vanished. He only felt one
uneasiness, and that was at not hearing any tidings from his friends.
But one morning at the commencement of the month of November everything was
explained to him by this letter, dated from Villeroy:
M. d'Artagnan,
MM. Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, after having had an entertainment at my house and
enjoying themselves very much, created such a disturbance that the provost of the castle,
a rigid man, has ordered them to be confined for some days; but I accomplish the order
they have given me by forwarding to you a dozen bottles of my Anjou wine, with which
they are much pleased. They are desirous that you should drink to their health in their
favorite wine. I have done this, and am, monsieur, with great respect,
Your very humble and obedient servant,
Godeau, Purveyor of the Musketeers
"That's all well!" cried d'Artagnan. They think of me in their pleasures, as I thought of
them in my troubles. Well, I will certainly drink to their health with all my heart, but I
will not drink alone."
And d'Artagnan went among those Guardsmen with whom he had formed greater
intimacy than with the others, to invite them to enjoy with him this present of delicious
Anjou wine which had been sent him from Villeroy.
One of the two Guardsmen was engaged that evening, and another the next, so the
meeting was fixed for the day after that.