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Dream Of Vengeance
That evening Milady gave orders that when M. d'Artagnan came as usual, he should be
immediately admitted; but he did not come.
The next day Kitty went to see the young man again, and related to him all that had
passed on the preceding evening. d'Artagnan smiled; this jealous anger of Milady was his
That evening Milady was still more impatient than on the preceding evening. She
renewed the order relative to the Gascon; but as before she expected him in vain.
The next morning, when Kitty presented herself at d'Artagnan's, she was no longer joyous
and alert as on the two preceding days; but on the contrary sad as death.
D'Artagnan asked the poor girl what was the matter with her; but she, as her only reply,
drew a letter from her pocket and gave it to him.
This letter was in Milady's handwriting; only this time it was addressed to M. d'Artagnan,
and not to M. de Wardes.
He opened it and read as follows:
Dear M. d'Artagnan, It is wrong thus to neglect your friends, particularly at the moment
you are about to leave them for so long a time. My brother-in-law and myself expected
you yesterday and the day before, but in vain. Will it be the same this evening?
Your very grateful, Milady Clarik
"That's all very simple," said d'Artagnan; "I expected this letter. My credit rises by the
fall of that of the Comte de Wardes."
"And will you go?" asked Kitty.
"Listen to me, my dear girl," said the Gascon, who sought for an excuse in his own eyes
for breaking the promise he had made Athos; "you must understand it would be impolitic
not to accept such a positive invitation. Milady, not seeing me come again, would not be
able to understand what could cause the interruption of my visits, and might suspect
something; who could say how far the vengeance of such a woman would go?"
"Oh, my God!" said Kitty, "you know how to represent things in such a way that you are
always in the right. You are going now to pay your court to her again, and if this time you
succeed in pleasing her in your own name and with your own face, it will be much worse
than before."