The Three Musketeers HTML version

The Shoulder Of Athos, The Baldric Of Porthos And The
Handkerchief Of Aramis
D'Artagnan, in a state of fury, crossed the antechamber at three bounds, and was darting
toward the stairs, which he reckoned upon descending four at a time, when, in his
heedless course, he ran head foremost against a Musketeer who was coming out of one of
M. de Treville's private rooms, and striking his shoulder violently, made him utter a cry,
or rather a howl.
"Excuse me," said d'Artagnan, endeavoring to resume his course, "excuse me, but I am in
a hurry."
Scarcely had he descended the first stair, when a hand of iron seized him by the belt and
stopped him.
"You are in a hurry?" said the Musketeer, as pale as a sheet. "Under that pretense you run
against me! You say. 'Excuse me,' and you believe that is sufficient? Not at all my young
man. Do you fancy because you have heard Monsieur de Treville speak to us a little
cavalierly today that other people are to treat us as he speaks to us? Undeceive yourself,
comrade, you are not Monsieur de Treville."
"My faith!" replied d'Artagnan, recognizing Athos, who, after the dressing performed by
the doctor, was returning to his own apartment. "I did not do it intentionally, and not
doing it intentionally, I said 'Excuse me.' It appears to me that this is quite enough. I
repeat to you, however, and this time on my word of honor--I think perhaps too often--
that I am in haste, great haste. Leave your hold, then, I beg of you, and let me go where
my business calls me."
"Monsieur," said Athos, letting him go, "you are not polite; it is easy to perceive that you
come from a distance."
D'Artagnan had already strode down three or four stairs, but at Athos's last remark he
stopped short.
"MORBLEU, monsieur!" said he, "however far I may come, it is not you who can give
me a lesson in good manners, I warn you."
"Perhaps," said Athos.
"Ah! If I were not in such haste, and if I were not running after someone," said
"Monsieur Man-in-a-hurry, you can find me without running--ME, you understand?"