The Three Coins HTML version

Jesse was his name, a Druid from Ancient Ireland from a time long forgotten and long
ago. On the edge of a sacred spring of an enchanted forest, his head suddenly fell down
into his lap within a sacred trance. Visions started to unfold of a foreign man from a
distant land as colored pictures revealed within his inner mind.
Storm clouds were building over a sacred hill. A man’s hands were being nailed to a
wooden cross. Blood started pouring from his hands, as his brother James and Mother
Mary kneeled in pray below him. Intense lighting started to light up the darken sky, and
etched across it. A sacred cosmic energy was building deep inside of him. A simple man
of peace that was created from God’s spirit was now hanging on a tree dying. A spear
was pushed into his side, as his body suddenly went limp while his eternal spirit exploded
releasing into nature the spiritual energy of Man and God as a true oneness of perfection
and glory.
Jesse frighten by his vision awoke from his trance by the sacred spring. His heart beat
was still pounding faster then he had ever felt before. It was now getting late and the
evening stars were starting to appear above the forest. A light breeze was blowing
through the willow trees that surrounded him and were giving him shelter for the night.
Suddenly, a wounded deer with an arrow in its side came out into the clearing limping
and then collapsing onto the green grass. Jesse walked silently up to the deer and lifted up
the deer and took it to the edge of the spring.
He gently talked to the deer and told it that he was going to take the arrow out very
carefully and to stay very still and to be brave that every thing was going to be alright.
The deer became very calm and Jesse took one deep breath and then took the arrow out
of the deer’s side. He then mixed some herbs with the water from the sacred spring into a
paste and applied it to the open wound. He could tell that the deer spirit was not very
strong and that he needed to work quickly. When he was completed and in silence, he
then prayed that the spirit of the deer be strengthen and may it become stronger to live the
rest of the years that it has been given. It was now late, and Jesse built a small fire and put
a blanket down to sleep upon the grass by the sacred spring.
The deer laid its head on to Jesse’s lap and they both fell together into a deep sleep.
While Jesse was asleep, a wonderful dream came to him. The dream was that of the deer
transforming into a beautiful Elf Princess. The Elf Princess stood before him in a
beautiful white dress and golden crown. “Jesse, do not be afraid”, she said. I am the Elf
Princess of the forest and on this very night, you have saved my life. For without you, I
would have fallen and not returned. I am eternal grateful to you Jesse, and in return, I
would like to give you three magical golden coins. May you forever be blessed on you
journey home.