The Tetragrammaton and the Christian Greek Scriptures


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Book Description

A comprehensive study of the divine name (hwhy) in the original writings of the Christian Greek Scriptures (New Testament).


Dear Author of the book “The tetragrammaton and theChristian Greek scriptures” Despite, your book giving a historical background ofscripture development especially surrounding the Tetragrammaton, I think it isjust intellectual ping pong. As a believer I have witnessed and experienced that God honoursthe name “Jesus” in any language. In this name the sick are healed, some evenin that very instant, the lame walk, and the blind see, the deaf hear anddemons are cast out. On the other hand I have not heard that the same hashappened in the name of Jahweh, Jehovah, Isa, Allah, Jeshua, Krishna or anyother. After all, the man Jesus was the temple God choose to puthis name on and to dwell in. God bless you, Yours Hans Joachim Koempf

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