The Ten Dirty Secrets of Getting Enlightened HTML version

Why dirty secrets?
Simple, because we never attract towards anything that is sober and decent.
Dirty is attractive, dirty is appealing, and dirty may be dangerous.
There is great appeal for sex and meditation since the beginning of the
I answered why ‘dirty’.
Now why ‘ten’?
Why ‘ten dirty’ secrets?
Why not twenty or hundred?
I don’t know.
I like ‘ten’.
It seems like ‘Ten Commandments’ of Jesus, that’s why Ten.
Who knows people may know me for centuries for my “Ten Dirty Secrets of
Getting Enlightened”
Who knows?
Meditation is dangerous. Meditation may bring you to the point where there is
nothing good or bad. It may wash out whatsoever you have earned through lots
of hard work, and education. You may find that your securities are in fact
insecurities. And the relationships and love you are clinging right now are in
fact your insecurities and escape form loneliness.
You may lose your identity, and persona.
From centuries meditation is considered as something arduous and sacred. And
that keeps everyone away from meditation. For these people meditation is
going away from society, and to become a monk.
Renounce. Give up.
But it is very coward to run away from the society. Actually society is a test.
Only in this big madhouse your abilities can be test and you can find your
center. Or you may find that there is no center at all!
Otherwise how will you know that you become a Buddha?
Even a Buddha has to come back to society. So why leave society in the first