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The Ten Dirty Secrets of Getting Enlightened

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Published: 5 years ago

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For anyone who is fed up with gurus, scriptures, and meditations: Download this FREE eBook for a down and dirty discussion about being enlightened. You may not get anything to cling to or to follow from this book. You may lose your current track of so-called meditations, contemplations, and consolations. You may even dump your masters, burn all scriptures, and lose your identity in terms of who you are. Download it today!


I like the fact that they mentioned one should create their own originality instead of borrow from other peoples knowledge. Authenticity is important for one to thrive in this world.

Gene Eason

I give it a 1 because I have to assume from the others that 5 is good. This book is NOT GOOD. Kinda cute but just not worth reading.


It's bad !!! sorry but i didn't benefit from it yet !


I was skeptical when I saw the title, but decided "What the heck, it looks like a quick read." Well, it was a quick read, but at the same time, most definitely an important one. If everyone in the world was "enlightened" to the ten secrets contained within this mini-book, most (if not all) of the world's conflicts would end immediately. Yes, it's that important. The secret of all secrets is, to me, the most important "secret" of all. I wish everyone would read this book and then take the secrets to heart.


I love this book....the way he says very interesting.



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