The Tdeshi Quest HTML version

Second Edition Copyright 2012 Lee Willard
This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any real people,
places, institutions, astronomical bodies, bio-chemicals or
governmental organizations is purely co-incidental.
This is a copyrighted work of Lee Willard. The fictional
world of Kassidor at 61Cygni A and the premise that the
‘hippy’ culture of the 1960's originated there is a creation of
Lee Willard.
The idea that there is a whole list of different fictional worlds
that really amount to different times and places on the same
celestial body is not copyrighted, but many of the works
alluded to but not quoted herein are copyrighted and their
copyrights are held by others.
This work is dedicated to Beverly, who in many ways was the
inspiration for the Ava character of this and many other tales
of Kassidor’s starship age.
Background information on the planet Kassidor and other
stories by Lee Willard can be found at
Cover sketch by Lee Willard