The Tale of Tremendous Place HTML version

The Tale Of Tremendous Place
There was this magical place called Tremendous, a place where
everything is moving and speaking. No human can enter into that place
only elves and fairies. The place looked horrible in the morning, but it
transformed in the evening.
It becomes a fairy land, butterflies are flying and the trees are moving
and talking to each others. The fairies are playing and singing together
with the elves It is a land where no one can come. Or when you got
there you can not get out of that place.
One night a drunk man drove his car and got accident in that place.
The young fairy went into the car to see if the man was still alive. The
man went out of the car with the blood on his face. He saw the young
fairy standing in front of him.
" What are you doing in this kind of place, young lady.?" Asked the
The young fairy smiled into him and answered." This is the place where
I live in".
The man looked around, he saw a butterfly flying around the tree. The
man walks towards the butterflies and the young fairy do. The man
can't speak when he saw a beautiful place that is far from his
He was mesmerized by the beauty of the nature. The green leaves of
the trees that are swaying with the night winds sounds singing it
soothing his heart pain.