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Have you ever been hesitant to do something you knew was right? What about something that would negatively effect you financially? Well, I am in that exact position!

Let me explain...My name is Rusty Moore & I run a little fitness blog that gets a crazy amount of visitors each day. Last month I had over one hundred thousand visitors and a Quarter Million page views.

I'm Not saying this to brag. Heck, I'm as surprised as anyone that my site has grown to this level.


So why am I hesitant to write this supplement report?

As you will soon find out by reading this report, you probably don’t need supplements the majority of the time. There is A LOT of money to be made by selling supplements...and my site gets enough traffic for me to earn a Full-Time Income if I chose to sell supplements.

What I am doing by writing this report is severely limiting my money making options in the future as far as selling supplements goes.

I do a lot of things wrong as far as making money online goes, but this might just be the dumbest move yet. The good thing is that I believe 'Karma' will pay me back by telling you the truth.