The Super Affiliate Blueprint HTML version

Now, put all those numbers into a simple formula, and you get the following data:
1,000 x 0.40% x $22.50 x 1.5 = $135/day
Now, while that might seem very straightforward to most of you, the truth is that
many affiliate marketers forget the simple formula. They forget that they need traffic,
or they forget that the traffic needs to convert, or they forget that they can actually
get more than 1 transaction per customer with an email list. Your goal, and what we’ll
work on in the coming pages, is to develop a strategy that allows you to focus on all
four factors simultaneously, keeping balance in your websites at all times. That
balance will be crucial to your bottom line and is what will push you over just about
every other marketer out there (yes, many people do neglect this formula,
surprisingly enough).
And if you’re looking at the sample numbers up there right now and saying “I really
have to get 1,000 people a day to make just $135 a day,” stop and think about it for
just one moment. Consider this. Not only is a 0.40% conversion rate moderate to low
at best, you can have far more than 1 website building those traffic numbers.
In fact, you should count on it. If you build only one website, you’ll never be a super
affiliate. You might eventually snag that traffic, but you’ll never be the top level
marketer you’re aiming to be. Consider what happens if you have 20 websites with
50 hits a day – it’s the same effect, and then there is something to work toward in
increasing your traffic numbers. Yes, this is doable, and yes it will make you a lot of
Another note I want to make is that your pages will not all convert at the same rate.
Some conversions are much higher (as we’ll discuss soon), and some lower. It
depends on the keyword you’ve optimized for, who you’re targeting and how eager
your audience is to make a purchase. All of these are factors you must consider
before making assumptions about how effective a site is.
There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Website
You cannot have a bad website. You may have an underperforming website, or one
that needs more content, or one that needs to be upgraded a bit, but it isn’t bad as
long as there are no zeroes in the formula that we’ve just gone over. You’ll be
making money whenever there is money, traffic, and conversions involved. Now, the
goal is to boost all of those numbers equally across the board. When we do that,
we’ll be able to make a tremendous profit that can then be reinvested and turned into
a viable marketing business.
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