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they’re about to give up, how they cannot do this or that task. Forget the obstacles,
though. A true super affiliate is one who never thinks in terms of obstacles. They
think in terms of opportunity and what they can do to overcome those obstacles. The
single biggest example of this is paid traffic. I can practically guarantee you that no
affiliate marketer ever makes a profit with their first paid traffic campaign. There are
just too many variables. But, what a super affiliate does is take the data from that
first failed campaign and learn what they did wrong. They highlight keywords that
were unsuccessful, analyse the tools they used, and adapt their budgets and their ad
groups to match. The other guys? They quit. Now, why do you think the failure rate is
so high?
Beyond simply believing that you can succeed, you need to put your money where
your mouth is. You need to invest the money you make in software, outsourcing, and
pay per click advertising, then spend whatever is left over. Stop buying new
electronics with those affiliate checks and use the money to reinvest in your
business. There will be plenty of time to enjoy your spoils later on, when you’re
sitting on the top of the earnings charts.
Becoming a Super Affiliate
Success in affiliate marketing is all about self-belief – you have to know you can
succeed. Ignore the failure stories – those are people who constantly paint
everything with a pessimistic paintbrush – not getting their hopes up and assuming
they will fail. Those are people who do not enjoy learning and spend their free time
watching TV instead of building websites. Those are people who only dream about
their dreams, rather than going out and making those dreams come true. They are
people who feel guilt when they make money, instead of being happy that they
The actual technical details and processes of becoming a super affiliate are
extremely important, but let me tell you this – the absolute first thing every affiliate
marketer needs to do is to challenge their assumptions about what they’re doing and
truly strive for excellence. Only then will they be able to succeed on a par with the
truly great Super Affiliates of the world.
Creating a Process
As an affiliate marketer, nothing is more important than having a steady, regular
process in place that you can follow at all times. That said, everyone’s process will
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