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There are two things every good affiliate strives for – making a great deal of money,
and constantly improving how you make that money. It’s no secret that the world of
affiliate marketing is a tricky business where the vast majority of newcomers fail, but
never forget that it’s also the business where pizza delivery boys and movers are
able to start making millions of dollars with no special education or training in less
than a few years.
If you’re a starting affiliate marketer with the gleam of profits in your eye and a bright
and beautiful future in front of you, the last thing you want to do is join the first group
– the people who crash and burn in the first few weeks. No, you want to be the super
affiliate – the big time cash producer who turns everything they touch into gold –
whether it’s a CPA offer or a major affiliate product launch.
It’s not enough to just learn the basics and become “another affiliate marketer”. You
need to tap into a reserve of passionate energy and desire to succeed and you need
to have the tools and processes in front of you to acquire that level of success.
In the next few pages, we’re not just going to talk about what an affiliate marketer
does – you probably know quite a bit about that already. We’re going to dig down
and talk about what a Super Affiliate does and how you can make not just a profit,
but unheard of amounts of money like the biggest and best marketers out there. It’s
time to toss those bad habits out the window and learn what the very best are doing
every day to turn each of their business prospects into pure gold.
What is a Super Affiliate?
When I say “super affiliate” I’m not talking about a marketer with an “S” on their chest
and a weakness to green rocks. I’m talking about the cream of the crop – the top
10% of all affiliate marketers who not only make a living, but who get filthy rich
putting the basic strategies that all marketers use to the test. They optimize their
marketing strategies, push their limits, and leverage tools you probably haven’t even
heard of. So, what specifically makes a super affiliate so special? It’s all in the
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