The Super Affiliate Blueprint HTML version

need to have this kind of data on hand. Even if you’re not into PPC, you’ll need a
good chunk of information to ensure you’re able to optimize your site properly.
Google Keyword Tool
Another free tool that can help you with general ideas on keyword generation is the
Google Keyword Tool that comes with AdWords. The tool has been beefed up a few
times over the years and while it still doesn’t have some of the gusto of other paid
options, it gets the job done in terms of presenting you with relatively good traffic
data, competition estimates and synonyms for your phrases.
When you’ve been researching on Forums and the like, going through Google
Keyword Tool to make sure people are actually searching for the terms you’ve
discovered is very important. This will allow you to create a good list of potential
keywords that you can use later.
Analysing Competition Levels
Too often people will think of a keyword or phrase, or Google it and see 15 million
results and assume they’ll never be able to rank for it. Think again, my friend. The
truth is that the number of results is practically meaningless. The real information you
want to seek out is whether the sites that are already ranking for that keyword are
competitive or not. That’s where research comes in handy.
Hop back into Traffic Travis and go to the SEO Analysis tool located there. Enter a
search term like “fast acne removal”. Wait a few seconds and the top 20 sites will
pop up from Google. These are the sites that already rank for that keyword.
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