The Super Affiliate Blueprint HTML version

guides that come out of this niche. So, instead of spending hours playing the game
to acclimate with it, you can spend just a few minutes scanning the forums of and learning that players want to know more about Horde and
Alliance characters, how to make gold, how to level up, how to do better with their
professions, etc. There are dozens of little details you can draw from here to create
keyword lists.
Using Tools to Generate Larger Lists
There are quite a few tools out there that have proven themselves effective for
researching keyword lists. I could list them all, but I want to get on to the juicy stuff
pretty quick, so I’ll use one of my favourite tools – Traffic Travis.
You can find it at and it is free to download (though there is a
premium version with more features). Once you install it and get it running, you’ll
have a basic interface that looks like this:
The tool itself is pretty much everything you’ll need to research recent search ranking
data for keywords, get keyword ideas, generate long lists that can be exported to
AdWords, and even research and review the ranking data for competitor websites. In
short, it’s a highly valuable research tool that you’ll be coming back to again and
Using Traffic Travis
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