The Super Affiliate Blueprint HTML version

example of this, as are any keywords that end with “review”. Other examples include
buy, order, and purchase.
Forum Research
Another tool I like to use, which is a fantastic for getting inside the heads of the
people you’re targeting, is a little basic forum research. Again, this is an incredibly
simple strategy that too many affiliate marketers neglect because they’ve been told
to move on and use more advanced tools. Why? On every forum you have the exact
data you need to pinpoint what people are searching for, the industry terms you
wouldn’t know unless you’re an expert, and the details you’ll need to start crafting
your keyword lists.
People put their problems on forums, and even if you have a passing knowledge of a
niche, you’ll never understand everything in it without digging deeper and learning
what people’s problems are. Take a niche like World of Warcraft for example. This is
a niche that has been highly successful in recent years. On the surface, it doesn’t
seem like a traditional IM niche. It’s a game and most of the time, games don’t breed
the urgency that you’d find in things like weight loss or dog training. However, this
particular game is an online, socially motivated game where players are constantly
competing with each other. Immediately, players are going to push themselves to
work harder and faster and eventually want to get a cutting edge. Enter the info
products on how to do everything better in the game.
If you’re an affiliate marketer, the odds are that you don’t have time to play a time
consuming game like World of Warcraft. Yet, you may want to market the successful
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