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seems like a crisis keyword, but in reality, it could be about anything. It could
be related to dry skin, dandruff, rosacea, or a dozen other problems that your
website does not relate to. You need to target only people who will be
interested in what your articles and reviews can provide them.
Crisis keywords are important for every marketing campaign, whether you are using
organic search engine optimization or PPC advertising. Just remember to pinpoint
the problem your audience is having and adapt your keywords to match their needs.
Long Tail Keywords
There are two instances when you would want to look at long tail keywords. First,
there is PPC advertising. With advertising, the more keywords you have, the better.
That means you’ll want lists of several thousand keywords. The second is
development of an authority site. You could write a dog training website with 10
pages of content, but if you want it to become an authority site, you would want to
start specializing pages for breeds, such as “Labrador retriever food bowl
aggression”. That’s a long tail keyword because you’ve added specific details to the
basic term of “food bowl aggression” that can be changed depending on the several
hundred dog breeds out there.
Finding long tails will require a bit of research, both on your own and with tools. If
you don’t know a niche especially well, this will be extra important to ensure you
don’t miss any potentially valuable keywords.
Buying Keywords
Other keywords that perform really well are buying keywords – terms people will use
when they are ready to make a purchase. Product and author names are one
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