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ready to buy, so even if the number of searches is lower, the value of those searches
is much higher.
The one thing to consider when using author names or product names in your
optimization is the terms and conditions of the affiliate program. Rarely but on
occasion you’ll find that you cannot do this, so it is important to check first, especially
with some CPA programs and large companies that like to protect these terms and
how they are optimized.
Crisis Keywords
When I start a Google AdWords campaign, I will often have a handful of adgroups
that focus on product names and author names, and then a big collection of
keywords that focus very specifically on crisis keywords. While the name-keyed
phrases are very valuable because you’re targeting people who are ready to buy, the
crisis keywords are equally, if not more important because you’re targeting people
with an urgent need that are willing to buy. They might be willing to buy multiple
products and will be far more likely to act on impulse when they read your call to
action, rather than continuing to shop around and research.
So, how do you snag crisis keywords that will help you pinpoint the best possible
potential leads? Here are some tips.
Ask Who Needs the Product – Always determine who needs the products
you’re marketing most. For example, if you’re selling guides for how to
remove acne, who do you think will need that guide immediately? A 25 year
old interested in preventing acne in the future or an 18 year old who wants to
get rid of acne before they start a new job? The latter will always be a better
prospect because they have an immediate crisis that you can solve.
Does the Phrase Solve the Problem? – The keyword phrases you choose
need to be things the prospect would search for to solve the problem. For
example, “acne tips” is not a good keyword because it could be searched for
by anyone, including children and adults helping their children. However “get
rid of acne now” or “remove acne in a week” are good because they are going
to be written by people who need to act sooner than later.
Can the Phrase Mean Anything Else? – Finally, ask yourself if the phrase
can be interpreted as something else. This is especially important for pay per
click advertising, where you don’t want to pay for a keyword when non-buyers
will click. For example, if someone searches for “get rid of skin problems”, it
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