The Super Affiliate Blueprint HTML version

I prefer Clickbank in many ways, but it is not the only tool on the market – not by a
Physical Products
Again, I’m a big fan of promoting info products, but don’t let that stop you from
considering some physical products if the commissions are right. For example, a
product like the Sunforce 50044 Watt Solar kit on sells for $299 and
has more than 60 positive reviews. The total commission will only be $15, but the
people who read those reviews or articles will already be primed buyers if they’re
searching for a specific product name (as is often the case with physical products).
Digging Up the Keywords
So, the niche research part is relatively easy. You just go where the money is. But,
now we get to the part where many marketers start to stumble. Yeah, the dreaded
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