The Super Affiliate Blueprint HTML version

you sell them properly. So, instead of just taking what you hear at face value, let’s
take a look at what does and does not work when researching a new niche.
The Two Ways to Find a Niche
There are hundreds of complex ways to look for a niche, but I say keep it simple.
Don’t try to find the “next big thing” every time you start a new site. Look for things
that already sell, that have a substantial market and that have room for you to build a
site. I utilize two very simple methods for finding new niches – neither of which
requires an expensive membership or epic insights that only a guru would have.
No, it’s not the only affiliate network or method out there, but it’s sure one of the best
and when it comes to finding profitable niches, there are few places where you can
find better data. Here’s my basic walkthrough for finding your niche here:
1. Hit the Marketplace – Go to the Clickbank Marketplace
( and search for any term. For
example, enter woodworking. You’ll find Woodworking4home – a site with a
gravity of 145 (as of writing this)
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