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Finding the Perfect Niche
Every business starts with the same thing – a good, solid, profitable niche. One of
the major mistakes every failed affiliate marketer makes is not finding and sticking to
a niche that works. They think they need to look for something new and exciting, the
non-competitive niches, or that they need to try multiple niches over and over again
to spread out their business.
Here’s a secret though – most major Super Affiliates will have only two major niches
in which they focus their efforts. Sure, they’ll try other niches – hundreds of them in
some cases. But, they only keep searching so they can find the two or three niches
that are the absolute most profitable. Does it make sense to choose a niche, invest
hours of time into it, make a lot of money, and then start over again? Of course not.
You should take what works and do it again, rinsing and repeating to build a
recurring income stream that you know for a fact works.
Of course, before you can choose a single niche and invest all your time and money
into it, you actually need to go out there and research a little bit to find out which
ones are going to be worth your time. That’s where I come in.
Myths About Affiliate Marketing Niches
There are a lot more people out there selling affiliate marketing advice than those
who have actually managed to use that advice to make their fortunes. And,
unfortunately, those people are constantly aiming for ways to stand out with exciting
new strategies that teach new things no one has ever seen before. They tell you all
sorts of things that are generally untrue or questionable at best. Do any of these
sound familiar:
Some niches are too competitive
You cannot make money selling “money making” products
Clickbank is the only way to go
High gravity means a product is too competitive
They’re all false and while sometimes it might seem like they’re true, it all really
comes down being able to stand back and knock out the better website. There is no
such thing as a niche that is too competitive. There are just websites that don’t do
enough to be competitive. There are plenty of sites other than Clickbank. High
gravity is a very good thing. And money making products can be highly effective…if
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