The Stranger on the Road HTML version

the kitchen of the woman’s house.
‘Here, let me stop that juice from escaping,’ the woman smiled, immediately
touching a damp cloth to my bloodied forehead. Then, she handed me a strange
looking coin, telling me to keep it for her, so I slipped it into my pocket.
Now, I mean, when she called my blood juice, surely that should’ve given me the
go ahead to run like hell, but, no, I sat there on the chair allowing her to clean the
blood from my face and stick a thick plaster on my head. Anyway, the wee woman
offered to make some tea, which, by the way, I could never refuse.
‘I see that you’re all dressed up as a Wizard__ do you like Wizards?’
‘Aye, I suppose. It would be awesome right enough to have power like that. I
mean, imagine being to do a spell and get whatever you want__ amazing.’
‘So, do you work for a living?’
‘Jesus no, there’s nothing out there nowadays. Besides, I injured my back and
can’t work anymore,’ I told the woman as she set out the cups and teapot on the
kitchen table. ‘I really that I could work, I miss it like.’
‘A bit of hard work never killed anybody,’
‘Aye, true enough. I wouldn’t mind being one of those Wizards right enough.
Christ, the things I could with that all the power.’
‘Christ, he wouldn’t allow you such powers, he’s such a goodie-goodie little
I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at the woman’s unexpected comment. I
mean, it was so unreal, you don’t normally old people saying things like that about
the big guy, and they’re usually all running to church or chapel, aren’t they?
‘So, do you believe in this Jesus then?’ The woman asked with a rather cheeky
glint in her eye as she poured out the tea. ‘Do you believe he done all that miracle
stuff and healed all those cripples?’
‘Well, I suppose he was about all those years back. I mean, we really can’t