The Stranger on the Road HTML version

badger or a hedgehog or something like that. But as I slowly moved closer to it, I
got the biggest fright of my life when I leaned forwards and discovered that it was
staring back at, and began to snarl ferociously. As I stepped back, there was a
strange mist that twirled and swayed right where the strange wee creature had
been. Now, being the proud coward that I am, I didn’t hesitate in running like blue
thunder up the road, not waiting, or wishing to find out what the strange thing was.
My heart pounded and my lings ached as I continued to run, then, I groaned with
pain as I tripped over something and fell face down onto the cold tarmac.
The strangest thing then happened as I wiped the blood from the deep cut on my
forehead with my handkerchief. As I sat there on the edge of the road, I noticed
this wee elderly woman shuffling down the road towards me, trying her best to
carry what looked like a large bag of firewood. I mean, at first I thought she must
be crazy collecting wood for the fire at that time of the night. So, holding the
sodden handkerchief to my head, the strange experience now forgotten as all I
could think about was to help this wee woman, well, I couldn’t help it, it was the
way in which I was raised.
Anyway, I began to walk towards the woman, offering to carry the bag for her,
which, she seemed to be grateful for. She told me that she lived in the house just at
the corner. So, I gripped the bag and threw it up onto my shoulder, not giving a
damn about the good jacket either.
‘Oh dear, you’ve an accident have you?’ The wee woman said, gripping then
onto my arm. ‘I’ll fix that up for you.’
‘Is it not a bit late to be out collecting sticks?’ I asked her.
‘I prefer to do things at night when there’s nobody about,’ she replied with a
Now that wee sentence from the woman should have given me a bit of clue that
she just wasn’t normal, but I ignored it and continued to carry the bag of sticks into