The Stranger on the Road HTML version

The uninhibited, drunken madness of the Halloween party still rang in my ears as I
made my way home, cursing with annoyance at the lack of taxi cabs and having to
bloody walk the three miles home from the town.
The heavy black October sky made me feel so small and insignificant as I
continued my lonely journey along the deserted stretch of the Woodend Road that
led to Artigarvan. To my right there were towering, leafless trees with twisting and
stretching branches like silhouetted veins over the creamy coloured moon, a moon
that gave sympathetic comfort by lighting the way ahead.
I began to feel a bit stupid as all these weird ghostly thoughts began to creep into
my mind, thoughts of ghouls and assorted strange creatures watching me from the
thick woodland either side of the deserted road. I smiled as I cursed myself for
watching too many horror films on TV, then I thought that it was funny how your
mind would throw up these horror thoughts when you were out alone on a cold
dark night. I mean, until that very night, I certainly didn't believe that strange
creatures existed, but now I can definitely state that they do.
Now, I know you're probably thinking to yourself that I'm smoking a funny fag
or taking some kind of wacky powder, but believe me, I'm not and on the 6th hour
of the 6th day of the 6th month, my cold, lifeless body will be found and my soul
will have been taking by the shadows from the depths of hell.
Until that very night, I'd always imagined that the most scariest or hideous thing
that you could ever meet would be an Income Tax inspector or even a traffic
warden. Oh no, believe me, there are worse creatures out there.
As I said, I was walking up the Woodend Road, hearing nothing in the icy
darkness except for my panting breath as I struggled with the steep hill, then,
deciding to light myself a cigarette, I stopped for a minute to light my lighter. Just
then, as the flame flickered my eyes caught sight of something in the bushes. At
first I thought that it might be one of the night’s wee creatures, you know, like a